Thriving Women Reviews

Thriving Women – Reviews

Hannah – One Life Thrive 2018

“I have been amazed at the change that has taken place in my attitude, outlook and mood. Positivity flows through me thanks to Janine. Janine supports, encourages and inspires. Knowledgeable and experienced in a wide variety of holistic health and fitness, she will push you to try new things, embrace them and open your life and mind to living a whole thriving life”


Jeska – One Life Thrive 2018

“For me the One Life Thrive Programme is a unique guide to self-respect and personal development, which offers you the building blocks for a long and fulfilling life. It has allowed me to open my mind and come face to face with hidden issues, no hiding and fighting. Janine has introduced to me the practices of self care, feeling empowered, and being in control of my life. She is a fantastic guide and coach.”



Joanne – One Life Thrive 2018

“Janine is supportive, open and always available for questions and support with a ready smile to help you along your journey. I have thoroughly enjoyed the programme, feeling empowered, and also the 1-1 coaching and Group Rhythm sessions where we are encouraged to be strong women, and overcome our barriers”

Clare – One Life Thrive 2018

“We can get lost in our busy lives and can find ourselves at the bottom of the list of priorities, but, do you know what? Actually, we ARE important! One Life Thrive has helped me to learn self-care and make time for myself (after about 40 years of putting everyone else first). 

We only have one life and we shouldn’t just exist – we need to THRIVE and embrace life!

Janine takes a holistic approach in her programme and this means that whatever your needs, whatever your lifestyle, the programme will make a positive difference for you.

I have found the meditations and affirmations invaluable to help me develop positive thought habits. This has changed my outlook and enabled me to reflect and move on from judgemental thoughts about myself that have been holding me back. 

Janine’s genuinely caring and passionate commitment to each programme participant is so supportive and means that help is just a text or phone message away.”

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