The Thrive Cornerstones

The Cornerstones

One Life Thrive is made of three, non-negotiable cornerstones. We have to get friendly with, and give equal respect to all three, to lead a balanced, vital, thriving life. 

The programme is built around these cornerstones with 1-1 support, tasks, activities, meditations, facts sheets, pilates and cardio videos all provided.

(Excerpt from the One Life Thrive Handbook)

One Life Thrive Cornerstone #1 Own a peace-filled mind

How we talk to ourselves sets us up to either just survive, or to thrive. It’s very simple. There is no magic pill here. Be kind to yourself, give yourself chances, and you will thrive and live a purposeful, vibrant life. Letting go of your judgements of your past life or actions, learning from them and letting yourself off the hook, if needs be, means you are half-way there.

Own and take responsibility for a peace-filled mind.  Speak kindness to yourself and others. Project body positivity through your words and actions. Become less stressed and anxious because you know you are in control of a peace-filled mind. 

Are you ready to be kind to yourself, to give yourself a break, to embrace life?

FULLY accepting that you are already perfectly you, perfectly unique, perfectly different to everyone else, is the key.  It may take time to reach in to your heart, show the compassion you give to others, to yourself and ‘know’ it. Completely. Fully. Every moment. Every day. 

You already are there. 

You already are whole. 

But you need to feel it, to thrive. 

During One Life Thrive we connect and listen to ourselves, our inner rhythm, every day. We build confidence and respect for ourselves through different activities including – 

  • Simply giving ourselves some time in our schedules to ‘be’
  • Meditation
  • Affirmations and talking with kindness to ourselves
  • Self massage
  • Aromatherapy and colour therapy
  • Learning to ‘be’ present and happy ‘in’ the present. 

One Life Thrive Cornerstone #2 Nourish and respect your body

You only have one body. It’s yours. It’s unique. It’s powerful. And it IS perfect. 

Please believe me when I say it is perfect, right NOW. 

Think about it for a moment. 

Your body is your only home. There are no other opportunities to get another one. 

This is it. The only one.

Whether its a size 6 or a size 36, it actually doesn’t matter from a ‘being comfortable at home’ point of view. 

Do you feel at home in your body, your heart, your mind?

What matters is you feel at home in your own heart, your own body, your own being. 

Your body deserves your respect, kindness and love. 

Because it is perfect and whole. It is yours. It fits you perfectly, too.

During this programme there will not be any ‘cheat meals’ or ‘cheat days’, as every day is an opportunity to get joy and energy from the food you eat. You will not starve. You will have whole food, which is vibrant and packed with goodness in abundance. Every single day you can nourish and supercharge your body with amazing food that fills you with joy. 

Every time you approach a meal, or an opportunity to nourish your body, Stop. Think. Ponder. And breathe. 

Ask yourself –

  • How will what I am preparing or eating make me feel?
  • Will it nourish me?
  • Will it make me feel happy and satiated?
  • Will it give me energy for the next few hours? 
  • Will it make me smile 
  • Will it taste good?

Nourishing our body is a huge act of self-love. 

ENJOY your food. It should give you pleasure and make you feel happy.

It’s an opportunity to: reset and refuel. 

Be in control of choices. 

Feel whole and nourished. 

And don’t worry if this all seems overwhelming, lots of information will be coming your way on making choices to really fuel your body for energy.

One Life Thrive Cornerstone #3 Move to your own rhythm

Unless you are planning on being an Olympic athlete, or have a specific goal you are training for, there is no need to kill yourself at the gym six times a week. Really. 

But what is important, is that you do move. 

Get active. 

Feel vital.

We need the chemical endorphins in our brain, that exercise produces, to keep us balanced and happy. It’s science! We need them to lead energised, whole lives. 

Are you ready to find a rhythm that suits you? It is your body, your choice.

You just have to find your own rhythm. Something that you love to do. It has to suit you, your life, your passions. It has to be sustainable, so that you keep being inspired to move. When, and if, you get bored of it, you find another rhythm. 

Whether it’s taking the dogs for long walks, doing a group class, rowing on the river  whatever it is, do something. Make it a minimum of 3-4 times a week and you are on your way to being fit and healthy. Get your heart pumping. Get out in the countryside. Take deep breaths and enjoy the time spent recharging your whole body.  

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