Speak kindness, every day in every way

As I am preparing for a Women’s Retreat Day for my other company Light Harmony Holistic Health next week, I am mindful of how unkindly we speak to ourselves as worthy women.

We are expected by society to behave in a certain way, to live by the rules, to juggle a multitude of balls, to look like we have just stepped out of a glamour magazine, and have the abs of a fitness model. 

All whilst we balance our job, career, family, partners, home, children, dependants, elderly relatives, mealtimes, kids clubs… the list goes on. It’s overwhelming and we can often find ourselves lost and exhausted from the pressures we put on ourselves. 

 How many times have you said ‘I’ll be happy when…..?’ ‘I’ll be happy when I am 9 stone’. ‘I’ll be happy when I am a size 10’. ‘I’ll be happy when I have run 5k’? 

Only to sweat blood and tears to get there, put yourself and your family through hell, arrive at your destination, and not actually be happy in your heart? 

It’s because we haven’t learnt to be happy, now. In the present. Today. 

And we can be happy, right now. Regardless of what the scales say or your dress size. It’s in your heart, your soul, your very being.

We spend a lot of time talking ourselves down and it can be hard letting go of old judgemental feelings, and welcoming in the whole you. It’s not so much a ‘new’ you, more of an awakened, whole, you. 

When did you start judging yourself, and why? Start to recognise that it doesn’t help, at all, to pull yourself down, to punish yourself. Question whether you would speak to someone else, the way you might sometimes speak to yourself, unkindly? I doubt it very much.

You have always been, and always will be, totally worth of your love, respect and praise. Please try to really own this fact, and it is a fact. It is as true for you, as it is for me. 

All love

Janine x