Speak kindness, every day in every way

As I am preparing for a Women’s Retreat Day for my other company Light Harmony Holistic Health next week, I am mindful of how unkindly we speak to ourselves as worthy women.

We are expected by society to behave in a certain way, to live by the rules, to juggle a multitude of balls, to look like we have just stepped out of a glamour magazine, and have the abs of a fitness model. 

All whilst we balance our job, career, family, partners, home, children, dependants, elderly relatives, mealtimes, kids clubs… the list goes on. It’s overwhelming and we can often find ourselves lost and exhausted from the pressures we put on ourselves. 

 How many times have you said ‘I’ll be happy when…..?’ ‘I’ll be happy when I am 9 stone’. ‘I’ll be happy when I am a size 10’. ‘I’ll be happy when I have run 5k’? 

Only to sweat blood and tears to get there, put yourself and your family through hell, arrive at your destination, and not actually be happy in your heart? 

It’s because we haven’t learnt to be happy, now. In the present. Today. 

And we can be happy, right now. Regardless of what the scales say or your dress size. It’s in your heart, your soul, your very being.

We spend a lot of time talking ourselves down and it can be hard letting go of old judgemental feelings, and welcoming in the whole you. It’s not so much a ‘new’ you, more of an awakened, whole, you. 

When did you start judging yourself, and why? Start to recognise that it doesn’t help, at all, to pull yourself down, to punish yourself. Question whether you would speak to someone else, the way you might sometimes speak to yourself, unkindly? I doubt it very much.

You have always been, and always will be, totally worth of your love, respect and praise. Please try to really own this fact, and it is a fact. It is as true for you, as it is for me. 

All love

Janine x

Exercise to Thrive

Exercise boosts your mood and energy. There is no doubt about this as countless scientific studies have shown. The World Health Organisation prescribes;

  • Adults aged 18–64 should do at least 150 minutes of moderate-intensity aerobic physical activity throughout the week or do at least 75 minutes of vigorous-intensity aerobic physical activity throughout the week or an equivalent combination of moderate- and vigorous-intensity activity.
  • Aerobic activity should be performed in bouts of at least 10 minutes duration.
  • For additional health benefits, adults should increase their moderate-intensity aerobic physical activity to 300 minutes per week, or engage in 150 minutes of vigorous-intensity aerobic physical activity per week, or an equivalent combination of moderate- and vigorous-intensity activity.
  • Muscle-strengthening activities should be done involving major muscle groups on 2 or more days a week.

Mud Run’s are fun!

This is a good start to your plan to increase your endorphin levels, or body’s natural ‘feel good’ hormones (serotonin, dopamine and norepinephrine) that can give us what many consider to be a natural high. Mentally, we feel more alert and energised after a workout and over a prolonged time, exercise improves our cognitive function and concentration.

Cardiovascular exercise, where you get your body moving, your heart pumping and increase exertion will improve your heart health and circulation. It enhances blood flow and the delivery of oxygen and nutrients to the muscles. Obviously, as your heart is pumping and your body moving, you are burning calories at a more increased rate than being sedentary.

If heading to the gym and getting sweaty doesn’t appeal, Yoga and Pilates have been found to reduce depression and anxiety. Even going for a brisk walk can boost your energy levels and help to reduce depression.

What is important, is that you find some form of exercise or movement that suits you. Whether that is running, yoga, strength training or karate. You can be a gym junkie or a solo mountain explorer, it doesn’t matter as long as you are moving, your heart is pumping and your muscles are being strengthened. But being consistent in your practice and enjoying your exercise is key to a longer, more fulfilling life.

An Imperfect, Thriving Life

Like everyone, my thriving life journey ebbs and flows. But I have it firmly held in my heart that it’s OK. It took a lot of delving deep in to locked away feelings and past judgements to understand and accept that I am not perfect, and now as I write this, I am so glad I reached that understanding. I have no idea what perfect even is. And frankly, I don’t care. I have spent many years listening to the whispers of ‘She’s too this, or She’s too that’  For me they have included terms like fat, thin, offish, dismissive, deep, bold, arrogant. I no longer hold what other people think of me in my heart. Instead, I choose to live my own life, a life that is free of judgement. Today, I surround myself with women who feel, who think, who love, who are imperfect, but who are aware they are so much more than what the scales say or the size of their clothes.

Leading a Thriving Life, for me, is being in touch with who I am. Nurturing my body through good food, a diverse exercise regime that I love, and prioritising my mental wellness to the fullest.

I built The Cornerstones of One Life Thrive on these principles. And these Cornerstones speak truth to many women and release them from the chains that hold them back from leading a full life.

I have learnt that as a woman, my body goes through cycles throughout the month and the years. I ride each cycle. For every cycle that is low in energy and mood, around the corner a new cycle starts that is full of energy and abounding mental strength. I accept and nurture each cycle. I ride high on the waves when they are amazing and boundless, and speak kindness and nurture when they are not. I live this, to be a woman who has a thriving life. A peace-filled life. A life full of respect for my body.

All love,

Janine x

Summertime is here!

Summertime is here!

I am so excited that we are finally stepping out of the gloom of winter; summertime is here!

It strikes me that our smell senses get dulled in the winter, in our home we are enclosed, so all smells from our cleaning products to our hearty, strong flavoured stews are trapped in with us. We instinctively crave warm, bold fragrances to cut through the cold.

Our sense of smell is strongest in the summer and spring, say researchers, most likely because of the higher moisture content in the air. So now is the time to re-introduce the beautiful, floral, more delicate fragrances back in to your lives and start getting set for spring. Throw open your windows, and start to smell the roses…

Our sense of smell is also heightened after exercise, so maybe it is time for a walk or jog around the park and marvel at the beautiful world we live in. I challenge you to find something beautiful from nature which has emerged from its winter sleeping space, wherever you live!

Some beautiful floral essential oils to investigate this month are Lavender, Jasmine, Neroli, Chamomile, Geranium,  Ylang ylang and Rose.  Why not make a blend for your diffuser of Geranium, Rose and Chamomile, a truly beautiful and calming blend to open your senses ready for Summer.

Have fun and be JOYOUS this week.  Life is GOOD!