How it works – Local Thrive (West Midlands – Telford)

How it works – Local Thrive

‘Local Thrive’ has been designed to include a weekly ‘Pilates Plus’ exercise and 1-1 coaching sessions in Telford, Shropshire. You will need to be able to get here once a week for an hour session. The exercise element, Pilates Plus, of One Life Thrive is on a Monday from 7-8pm

As you now know, One Life Thrive takes a holistic and supported approach to being free of the diet book rules, creating balance and peace in a frantic world and being fit and energised for life. It is built on the cornerstone principles I have previously talked about, to enable you to achieve and thrive. 

  • Owning a peace-filled mind
  • Nourishing and respecting your body
  • Moving to your own rhythm

All three are vital to having a thriving life, to being whole, to living a fulfilled and complete life. 

So here are the elements of One Life ThriveLocal Thrive;

Weekly theme

Each week there will be a theme to bring focus and clarity on leading a thriving life. Activities, affirmations and meditations will all be linked in to one thing, one feeling, because that’s what we operate on, feelings. You don’t need to worry about getting confused and overwhelmed with information, but we will be working hard on you ‘owning’ each theme. An example of a theme could be ‘I am Confident’ or ‘I am Excited’. 


At the beginning of the sign-up process you will be asked to complete quite a long questionnaire which contains a few questions which may surprise you.  As a Holistic Health Coach I look at many elements to understand what makes you, you. It also helps me to really personalise the programme to you. Working with colour therapy and aromatherapy means I can tailor activities, affirmations, even meditations to you, personally. 

Similarly, I really need to know what motivates you and inspires you. What food you like and don’t like. What exercise you enjoy or hate. All key elements in you getting the best out of the programme and making it personal, to you.

A Full Weeks Food Diary 

I will ask you at the beginning to record for me a week’s diary of food, how it made you feel, and what motivated you to eat it. It will give me an insight in to your diet and eating patterns. You won’t have to do this again in this amount of detail. One of the conditions of the programme is to not be dictated to by rules, scales and measurements, but to learn to take the time to really care about what we are eating, to be interested in what fuels our body. To know how it works and what it needs. A natural weight balance will occur when that happens. I promise. 

1-1 Coaching sessions, check-ins and texts

We will schedule four 1-1 coaching sessions throughout the programme where we meet up. This is a chance for me to get to know you and really understand what it would mean to you to get balance in your life, and have confidence to be a fearless woman.

We will also talk on the ‘phone, FaceTime or Skype at least once a week. These times can change each week to suit you and your diary. We can talk about the theme for the week and I’ll guide you in your goals. 

I’ll also be texting you two to three times throughout the week to check in on how you are doing. You will have my number, I’ll be there for you.

Massage sessions 

I would really like you to have three massage sessions during your programme. They can be hot stone back massage, an organic express facial, aromatherapy back massage or foot treatment and foot massage. We book them in around week 3, week 7 and week 11. Taking care of ourselves is vital. Massage really isn’t a treat, it’s a necessity for balance, endorphins, peace and wellness. If you would like to have a look at my Holistic Therapy Page, please click here for Light Harmony Holistic Therapy

Weekly email

On a Sunday you will receive an email from me. It will outline our theme and activity challenges for the week ahead and provide additional resources and information.


I’ll be providing you with links to pre-recorded meditations on YouTube in your weekly email. You won’t be able to search them as they are just for Thrive Members and only accessible via the link. They link in to the themes and you would try to set time in your diary 2-3 meditation times a week. They are only 5-10 minutes long, but they are crucial to underpinning the cornerstones of One Life Thrive and reinforcing your understanding of what an amazing woman you already are.

I’ll also run a Facebook Live meditation and chat, usually on a Sunday evening at 6pm in the One Life Thrive Facebook Community Group. Again, it will be a short meditation, but also a chance to chat with me or other members, if you wanted to.


In your Sunday email will be an ‘affirmation screensaver’ for you to add to your phone, tablet and/or computer screen. Wherever you will see it for the week. You will get a new one each week. Please download it and whenever you feel your confidence wavering, or you need a quick reminder of why you are doing this programme, look at it, own it, embrace it. 

Colour Therapy

I will have asked you about your favourite colours in the initial questionnaire and I will be digging a little deeper with Colour Therapy during the programme. Expect a deeper questionnaire on this subject in the first few weeks. Colour Therapy can support some of our activities and be used to underpin emotions and behaviours. If it isn’t something you have tried before, please give it a go. If nothing else it’s an interesting concept backed up by lots of scientific research, and fun. 

Activities and Exercise

Your week will be busy already, I know, but I want to start introducing some regular exercise habits to get those endorphins flowing and helping you to feel good. You will tailor them to your life and schedule and may be as simple as ‘Get outside at lunchtime for 20 minutes twice this week for a brisk walk’. If you feel you can do more than the suggestions, do more!

You are also invited to Pilates Plus on a Monday evening. I’m not expecting you to make every one, but the more you can do the better.

There will also be links to pre-recorded YouTube videos of Pilates as well as information workout sheets on Resistance Bands and bodyweight exercised. Again, they will be short, around 20 minutes and I have adapted them to differing levels. Give them a try! 


I will send you resources and links in your weekly emails to set you on the right path of making informed choices. They may be in the form of a glycemic index food chart, eating for energy, or links to other holistic based nutrition blogs that I think are of worth. I’ll also give you some suggested recipes that I love and that would be suitable for your particular dietary needs. 

Please try to keep a Food and Feelings Diary for the first month of the programme. You will be given a notebook in your welcome bag to do just that. 

The food side of the diary will also help me if you would like to share with me what you ate. I’ll be able to guide you on your habits and making choices that suit your hormones and activities. 

Facebook Group

The One Life Thrive Facebook Group is set up to enable the members to share stories, motivate each other, seek reassurance, and be a community of fearless women. Please do use it. There will always be someone who can jump in and support you or offer advice on things that worked for them. All Sunday night Facebook Live sessions will be run from there.

Handbook and Welcome Bag

I have written a full introduction Handbook on One Life Thrive, which you will receive a couple of weeks prior to starting the plan. It will go in to a lot more detail than is outlined here, and is a support tool throughout the programme.

You will also have a ‘Welcome Bag’ containing everything you will need for the programme. Some of the parcels will be wrapped up with a label denoting which week it is for. Try not to open them early!

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