One Life Thrive FAQ’s

Can I go on holiday during the programme?

ABSOLUTELY! This programme is about living. Holiday’s are a part of life, and should be enjoyed! However, if you are on the 1-1 on-line programme you can have the opportunity to pause it for up to two weeks.

Can I have meals out during the programme?

ABSOLUTELY! Life is about making choices, and One Life Thrive is about life!

If an emergency comes up, can I pause the programme?

Yes. There are always emergencies in life. Depending on the emergency, if you are on the 1-1 programme, you can hit pause for up to 2 weeks. If you are on the Group programme, and an emergency happens, you can again pause the programme, and have the option of rejoining your group, or continuing as a 1-1 plan to complete the programme, without the group elements.

How much exercise will I be doing?

If you are on the Group Thrive plan, you will have the option to meet for a weekly session that is tailored to the needs of the group. Otherwise you are encouraged to do as much movement as your body needs. As you go through the programme, you start to understand how your body needs to thrive. We are all different. You will be supported with suggested activities, videos and exercise resources which include cardio, strength and pilates.

I have a specific diet I follow, is this OK?

ABSOLUTELY! But I will be encouraging you to follow a ‘whole food approach’, eating from all the different food groups, allergies and intolerances permitting.

What technology do I need?

You need to be able to receive texts and emails. You should also be able to access the internet, YouTube and Facebook (even if you are not a Facebook user, you can just have an account to be able to access the One Life Thrive Community Group). You also need to be able to open and print PDF documents. You should also either have Skype or FaceTime for some of the 1-1 coaching sessions.


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