An Imperfect, Thriving Life

Like everyone, my thriving life journey ebbs and flows. But I have it firmly held in my heart that it’s OK. It took a lot of delving deep in to locked away feelings and past judgements to understand and accept that I am not perfect, and now as I write this, I am so glad I reached that understanding. I have no idea what perfect even is. And frankly, I don’t care. I have spent many years listening to the whispers of ‘She’s too this, or She’s too that’  For me they have included terms like fat, thin, offish, dismissive, deep, bold, arrogant. I no longer hold what other people think of me in my heart. Instead, I choose to live my own life, a life that is free of judgement. Today, I surround myself with women who feel, who think, who love, who are imperfect, but who are aware they are so much more than what the scales say or the size of their clothes.

Leading a Thriving Life, for me, is being in touch with who I am. Nurturing my body through good food, a diverse exercise regime that I love, and prioritising my mental wellness to the fullest.

I built The Cornerstones of One Life Thrive on these principles. And these Cornerstones speak truth to many women and release them from the chains that hold them back from leading a full life.

I have learnt that as a woman, my body goes through cycles throughout the month and the years. I ride each cycle. For every cycle that is low in energy and mood, around the corner a new cycle starts that is full of energy and abounding mental strength. I accept and nurture each cycle. I ride high on the waves when they are amazing and boundless, and speak kindness and nurture when they are not. I live this, to be a woman who has a thriving life. A peace-filled life. A life full of respect for my body.

All love,

Janine x