Your First Steps to a Whole Life, a Thriving Life

One Life Thrive – A Nurturing and Empowering Women Programme

A holistic approach to empowering and nurturing women. Being free of the diet book rules, creating balance and peace in a frantic world, and being healthy, fit and energised for life!

Are you here now because you have recognised that you have lost yourself along the way in life’s rich journey?


Are you unhappy with the woman you have become, or how you feel about yourself?


Have you recognised you are not in touch with who you are, anymore?


Are you out of balance with your life, your passions, your health and wellness?


You may be fit, unfit, a size 8 or a size 36, it actually doesn’t matter if you don’t feel whole, worthwhile, of value. Your size, or the number on the scales does not dictate your worth. That comes from within you. I am here to tell you, you are worthy. You are whole. You are important.

One Life Thrive is a journey of self discovery, a 12 week plan built on reprogramming your life from one of self doubt, to one that THRIVES. It is a holistic (whole body and mind) health programme that will challenge you, help you grow in confidence and enable you to lead a fearless life.

Throughout One Life Thrive you will learn to practice self kindness, nourish and respect your body and challenge it to move more to lead a vibrant, full life. This is done through 1-1 coaching, activities, tasks, meditation, aromatherapy, massage, nutritional advice, exercise, affirmations and a big commitment from you….

Are you ready to be free of the diet book rules?


I need to be really clear, here.

One Life Thrive is not a diet.

It is not a get fit quick programme.

It is not a quick fix for a bikini body.

  • There will be NO shredding.
  • There are NO before and after photographs.
  • There are NO weigh ins.
  • There is NO cutting out of food groups.
  • There will be NO cheat meals.
  • There will be NO cheat days.
  • And there are as a many ‘chances’ as you need.

It is a liberating, life affirming programme designed for women, built on 3 Thriving Cornerstones. Click through to find out more…

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